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We are an Energy Bus School
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Wednesday, August 09, 2017
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The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey (EBSLJ) is a multi-year approach to helping schools refocus their attention on the positive things that are happening in our schools. Oftentimes we tend to focus on all the challenges in our schools which can drain creativity and result in an unhealthy school culture/climate. The EBSLJ helps teachers, leaders, and students transform negativity by reassigning their energy and focusing on the positive occurrences that happen daily on our campuses.    We do this by inviting all members- students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community to embrace a leadership mindset while practicing the success principles from Jon Gordon’s best-selling book, The Energy Bus.

We invite you to join us as we embrace 7 core principles that will guide our journey for leading and learning. In order to create the school culture of our dreams, it is important that we have shared values, beliefs, and attitudes.  The 7 principles will provide our school community with the common language needed to move our school in a positive direction.

Below are the 7 principles along with a brief description:

Principle 1:  You’re the Driver – reinforces taking personal responsibility for your actions, not blaming or complaining, but feeling  empowered to take risk and make the necessary changes to get the results you desire. 

Principle 2: Create a positive vision- teaches students to set positive personal and academic goals as they become active participants in  the learning process. 

Principle 3: Drive with purpose –students discover their unique talents and how they can utilize these gifts to determine their purpose.

Principle 4: Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy- reveals ways to become a more positive person while learning how your behavior can  impact everyone in the learning community. 

Principle 5:  Transform negativity – look at ways to turn challenges into great opportunities for learning and growth.

Principle 6: LOVE your passengers – seeing the true gift in every person we meet as we find ways to serve our school and our    community.

Principle 7:  Enjoy the Ride! – reinforces the importance of living a happy and healthy life.

We look forward to working with you as we come together to create a positive school culture.

For more information about The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey visit:

Twitter @EnergyBusSchools

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